Chemistry of the God

My views published in Annual Magazine (1996) of Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M. S. University of Baroda, while persuading my Masters in Chemistry
In Chemistry, we all know that there are three phases of matter viz., solid, liquid and gas. All these phases are enclosed within the boundary conditions of three dimensions These three phases have different constituent and characteristics. If we break away from the restrictions of these elements and can create universal element in free space. Thinking on these lines, we can take universe as a one phase (!), soul as the second phase and body as a third phase. All these phases may have innumerable intermittent phases. Here we can consider only one system having the above said three phases.

Now if we have a system having more effective soul phase one submissive universal phase, we arrive at an element which is in human terms are called super humans and the quotable examples of the same are Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekanand, Maharishi Arvind. After this if we have system having a dominant universal phase of a submissive soul phase, we then arrive before the almighty i.e. God.

However at present, we are not in addition to vary the percentage of any phase in an element in spite of such great advance in the field of Science and Technology, we are not able to visualize or even accept the transfer or even accept the transfer, phase in a particular element of nature. This is possible to comprehend only if we go beyond the circumstances of logical reasoning and enter the world of mythology, wherein there are phase transfer catalyst which help us in the inter phase transfer. Like meditation, yoga, prayer. etc. this enables us to broaden our outlook and have effective soul phase which is in turn as process progresses finally emerges into the universal phase

Today our knowledge of science does not allow us to accept such reasoning, because there are too means to verify the authenticity  of such statements. But some day in future, science will surely find the door between science and the world of mythology. And that will be the stage, which we have already achieved 4000 years ago.