We know ‘extreme’ of anything is dangerous but when we are dealing with our feelings, thoughts and perceptions, the term ‘extreme’ gets relative, you cannot gauge it with constants or parameters.

Sensitivity and emotions are perhaps the major feelings that make us different from other animals.  Humans have extreme emotions and we ‘share’ it a lot. However, should we really be a sensitive or it is good to be insensitive?

I was told by many wise people (including experts) that don’t be too sensitive, be practical; you get more pain if you are sensitive. The main causes of all our problems in life are expectations and fear. I was told that you have more fears if you are sensitive. You cry more, your heart gets break many times, you lose and you also get disturbed a lot if you are a sensitive person. They say if you are sensitive you are ‘prone’ to be getting disturbed and unhappy.

However, I am still not able to understand the term ‘sensitive’ clearly yet. Are emotions and sentiments causing sensitivity? Being emotional is being sensitive?  If I am concerned about my family and friends, am I too sensitive?

Some people argue that there is nothing wrong in being sensitive and it does not make you unhappy, the term that makes us unhappy is ‘expectations’. If you love someone (being sensitive?) you don’t get unhappy but you get unhappy when same person doesn’t love you.  If this is so then it is not our sense/sensitiveness which makes us unhappy but it is insensitivity of the other person which causes the problem.

Sometimes we are also told to be a ‘practical’, so basically we are advised to be smart, matured and not to feel bad if someone does not reciprocate your feelings, it happens. Don’t venture to love, help or share as you may not get same response!

Basically, we are asked to be ‘Insensitive’ to someone’s insensitivity’ and make your feelings dynamic so you keep feeling good and bad based on response you get! We should allow others (their response) to decide if we should feel happy or bad.

I think there is some individuality involved and we cannot really generalize whether we should be sensitive or not. It should leave to us to decide and we do what makes us and our life happy.