Change and consistency about self

I think there are thousands of quotes and sayings about the ‘change’ and we know that it is (change) a way of life, it is an inevitable.  Everything is changing around us and perhaps, at lightning speed. However, for me, the most interesting aspect of change is ‘change in individuality’;’ personality’ and most importantly ‘change in our thoughts and beliefs’.

I sometimes laugh at myself when I think of my thoughts at different age; when I think of my opinions and thoughts at age of 15-20 years, some of them seem quite absurd and funny. They seem quite irrelevant and illogical. What I was thinking about an employer as an employee was absolutely different than what I think about an employee and employer today. What we (or shall is say I?) were thinking about a ‘wife’ before a marriage and what we are thinking about her after a marriage is absolutely different (Don’t take me wrong, I am only talking from ‘personality’ standpoint!).

One of my friends told me a very interesting story which is quite relevant here. One friend was telling to his friend

“When I was at age of 10,I thought my father is a stupid and he does not understand anything. At age of 15 I believed that my father has not matured yet and he needs to learn a lot. When I reached at  25 I felt that my father still needs to get more matured and now at age of 35 having two kids, I firmly believe that my father is absolutely right and he was always matured and experienced person. Whatever he did was the best that could have been done by anybody in given circumstances.”

This is about how a Son feels about his father during different stages of life but, same is true when we think about our beliefs about ourselves. At some age I was thinking that I am very strong person and have very strong control on my circumstanced but today I don’t. My views about few individuals or I can say about all individuals have change drastically over a period of time.

I know this a natural and obvious, however, does this mean I was wrong at some stage and I am right today? Does this mean, we are wrong today and we will be right in future with more experience and information? If this is the case then it seems illogical to have any strong views or statements at any stage of life (time) as we know it is going to change.
But, I don’t think so, we have full rights to make statements and have views based on the information and knowledge we have at this stage.  If judgments and conclusions are relative why we should be bother about them. I might feel same about my blog tomorrow that I was wasting my time but does this mean I should stop today?

Osho says

“Consistent person is an idiot!”