Peanuts and monkeys

This is what I read today on one of the leading bidding website

“We are looking for an experienced programmer in PHP + MySQL with good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax… Candidate must have already worked on e-commerce websites with at least 4 years experience and must be skilled enough in web security (mySQL Injections Attack, Script exploits, Null poison attack, XSS…).

– You are not serious
– You are Not honest
– You are not reachable 24/24 7/7 “366/365″! by phone, sms and IRC (skype, icq)
– You are not fast in programming an fixing issues
– You are not good in communication or your English isn’t fluent

ONLY, If you think you are genius you can bid on this project. We say genius and we REALLY mean it!”

I was smiling when I read this with the budget they have assigned for this requirement.

Everyone wants ‘the best’ at the cheapest price.  Let us be an honest, we all know that this is not possible. I really don’t understand that why people don’t understand basic fact of business that ‘there is nothing free’ here. Everything has cost involved and if you are asking for the best skills; you need to pay accordingly.
Sometimes we know what should be correct price for what we are asking but still we wish to pay less, we assume few things.

We think they might be in need of money desperately and will agree to do this at cheaper rate and sometimes it happens and we get happy. However, we again forget basic fact that if we have paid peanuts and what we should probably get.

If you are expecting high quality, quick-turnaround and the best product in the world, you should be ready to pay the best price in world. You cannot “eat the cake and have it too”.
During my graduation I asked one of my friends, “What kind of a husband you would like to have?” She said “He should be tall, handsome and smart”.  I told her that this is very rare combination. I wanted to tell her (but did not) that such combination is ‘rare’ and in case, if you find in somebody, he is not going to marry you, first look at yourself !

Perhaps, this is true with everyone; we don’t want to be a  realistic and we always expect more than we are willing to pay. We assume that we are saving money but we don’t see that we are exploiting somebody and we are expecting ‘Good luck’ which is not always there and then we start blaming different factors, we get racial, we forget humanity and we lose empathy. We are not ready to admit that we took ‘chance’ and it we knew that it has high probability of failure.

Once we don’t get expected results, we start assuming our gambling as a valid business deal. We feel we are cheated but we should ask ourselves “Was that a valid business deal or we just took a chance”?