The absolute

Sometimes I really wonder about relativity and absoluteness. What is there in this world which is absolute? Albert Einstein says time is also a relative it is not absolute. They also say that space is also a relative to time and it is expanding. Our beliefs and thoughts are not also absolute and it keeps changing with time. Happiness, paid, wealth, power, attitude and I think anything which can be evaluate or measure is a relative matter. It cannot be absolute.

Size is also a relative matter, if we think about microorganisms; a spoon can be a entire world or universe for them and who knows there can be an entity for which our universe is a size of spoon. It might look funny but it is quite possible because size is what we feel based on our perception, experience and our own size. Why universe can’t be an entity or a body of which we are micro parts like bacteria on a spoon?

Why universe cannot be a series of frames which we see moving/dynamic based on our capacity of FPS (Frame per second) observation. Do we see same world (speed, dynamisms, colors etc) that other animals do?

The question here is “What is relative and what is absolute?” Observer or scene is relative? Or both are relative? If both are relative then it creates more confusion.

I think at micro level it seems all dynamic and relative but it must be static or absolute at macro level. If we start thinking from micro level i.e. from my village, city, state, country, continent, world then galaxy it seems all complex, relative and dynamic but if we do other way it becomes more generic than it should be. I think ‘generic’ is a key and it should be simply L.H.S=R.H.S; how we derive this is a complexity we may have created, and nature may not have any idea about this?

The absolute must be unique and one. There cannot be two absolutes and I think that’s what we may call as a ‘Truth’.