Instant and quick

Instant, fast quick, high speed and ‘on-demand’ are the words of modern times. We say that almost all client wanted project yesterday.  I think we have started expecting the results as we think. Our thinking is perhaps faster than a light and we also want t output with same speed.

It takes seconds for me to call and say ‘hello’ to a friend on other side of world.  We tweet ‘I am going for a bath’  and whole worlds knows that I am bathing at this time in few seconds. Speed has change the way we do business like never before. We talk to other side of world like we are talking with a person on next chair. We need an information and Google does a magic in few seconds, no efforts. Certainly we need to move at high speed, there is no tortoise in this race, everyone is a hare and none of them is going to sleep.

However, for a moment if we think other side of a coin, this speed has killed few very important joy of our life. We have lost Patience, Joy of journey, experimenting, learning, failure, waiting and calmness.
We don’t want to wait on 30 seconds traffic signal, we don’t want to wait for pizza to get properly cooked and prepared, and we need in 30 minutes.   I wonder if scientists are working on catalyst type of vaccine which can deliver a baby in a month, there should be a great demand.

We agree, we get something and we lose something, we don’t bicycles because we use cars.  However this trade-off does not have an advantage always. Perhaps, we are moving too fast.

Don’t you think we are moving faster than our biological clock within our body? Perhaps, that’s why we have ‘life- style’ related health issues.  Don’t you think we are moving faster than nature itself?  Are we really ready and capable of breaking a ‘sound barrier’ of nature?